1 . Object

This website (hereinafter the “website”) is an internet domain owned by Stemlab.


Your use of this website and the services associated with it implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, “terms and conditions of use”), as well as this privacy policy. In the event that certain included services and/or tools offered through the website require the user to accept particular conditions, they will be made available to the user.


On the other hand, Stemlab warns that both the contents and services of this page, the terms of use and the privacy policy themselves, can be modified by stemlab without notice, and Stemlab will make the best efforts to indicate online the date of the last update.


2 . Conditions of use

The user undertakes, in particular but without limitation, in cases where a user registration is required to access certain sections of the website, to provide true, accurate and complete data about his identity. In addition, the user undertakes to keep updated all personal data provided to the company, being solely responsible for false statements or inaccuracies regarding the personal information provided.


Stemlab is not responsible if the data provided is false or inaccurate.


The site should be used for legitimate purposes, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy, and the user may not use the services of the site to carry out activities contrary to portuguese law, morals and public order. The user assumes all responsibility for the damages suffered by Stemlab, as owner of the domain or by third parties, resulting from illegal or unpermitted practices, namely but not limited to, those consisting of:


• Perform without prior consent by Stemlab any manipulation or alteration of the page.


• Perform any act that may damage, unuse, overload, or deteriorate the website and services and/or prevent normal use by users.


• Introduce and/or use computer programs, data, defective files, viruses, computer or telecommunications equipment or any other, regardless of their nature, that may cause damage to the portal, in any of the services, or in any assets (physical or logical) of the company’s information systems.


• Violate the rights of third parties, namely but not limited to, image rights, the reservation of privacy, the protection of personal data, confidentiality in communications, as well as intellectual property (copyright and industrial property rights). 


• Use false identities, replace the identity of others in the use of the website or in the use of any of the services.


• Send and/or make available illegitimate communications and content on the site.


• Reproduce, distribute, modify or copy the contents of this page, in whole or in part, except in the case of prior written permission by Stemlab for this purpose.


3. Responsibility

Stemlab makes every effort to ensure that the availability of the site is uninterrupted and that all communications are error-free. However, access to the website may be interrupted, inter alia, but without limitation, for repair, maintenance or introduction of new services or for reasons unrelated to Stemlab. Stemlab will always try to make these interruptions or suspensions of services infrequent and short-term. 


Stemlab is not responsible for the contents available in the links linking to other websites, exploited by third parties and the existence of such links on the site is made, if applicable, for information purposes only. However, Stemlab does not control or supervise the content made available on these third-party pages and the existence of the links does not mean that it approves and/or accepts its contents and services. These other websites are not subject to these terms and conditions of use and this privacy policy, so it is advisable to consult the terms and conditions of use and the respective privacy policies. If you access another website using the links provided on the website, the operators of said websites may collect your personal information. You must ensure that you know the privacy policies of these third-party websites before providing any personal information. 


Stemlab, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, excludes its liability for damages of any nature and nature that may result from the use of the website, its contents, as well as the damages and losses resulting from the infringement of intellectual property rights by users and/or the lack of veracity,  accuracy, and updating of the contents, and you may not be required to be responsible for the interruption of services, improper operation or impossibility of access to the service. Stemlab will not be liable for the damages caused by the presence of viruses or any other harmful software that may cause changes in the user’s computer system.


4. Intellectual property rights

The website, as well as, in particular but without limitation, its programming, designs, logos, texts, contents, information, clips, software and /or graphics, is the exclusive property of Stemlab and is protected by applicable copyright and/or industrial property rights legislation. The same applies to the compilation of all data on the site, its disposition and presentation. Any use, by any means or form, of these is expressly prohibited, whether in whole or in part and always requires prior written permission by Stemlab. The user undertakes not to perform any act that is likely to violate the intellectual property rights of the company or third parties, in particular, the creators of the website and/or its licensees.


5. Protection of personal data

In accordance with portuguese law on the protection of personal data, Stemlab informs that the personal data provided by users of the website are collected and included in a company database, being processed for the exclusive purpose of providing services by Stemlab to users and dissemination of the products and services thereof. The personal data requested are those strictly necessary to provide the services in question. 


Stemlab undertakes to keep the secret and confidentiality about the personal data provided to it by the user, adopting to do so all the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, modification without consent or unauthorized access to the data, in accordance with current legislation. 


The user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, legally recognized, by sending an e-mail addressed to the company to the address [email protected].


You expressly authorize Stemlab to send you communications for the disclosure of the company’s products and services. The user may inform Stemlab, at all times, that he no longer wishes to receive the referred communications and to owe them, sending an email to that effect to the following e-mail address [email protected].


6. Use of cookies

This website may use cookies. By browsing this website without changing the cookie settings of your web browser, you expressly agree to Stemlab’s use of cookies.


Stemlab uses the term “cookies” to refer to information storage technologies and access to information stored on your equipment, as permitted by the EU Directive on privacy in the electronic communications sector and applicable Portuguese law. 


Cookies are small text files, created by the website visited, that contain data. These files are stored on the user’s computer so that they can access various functions. The website uses both session cookies and other cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory while the user browses the website. These cookies are deleted when the user closes the web browser or at the end of a certain time (i.e. when the session expires). 


Other cookies remain on the visitor’s computer until deleted.


Stemlab uses cookies to learn more about how users interact with your content and to improve the experience of website visitors.


In general, cookies store information about how users use the website, including the number of pages viewed, the place of origin of the user and the number of visits, to improve the website and ensure that users have a good experience. 


If you wish, you can refuse or block the cookies you set by changing your web browser settings (for more information, see the help section of your web browser). Please note that most web browsers automatically accept cookies, so if you do not want cookies to be used, you may need to delete or block cookies manually. For more information about the use of cookies in mobile web browsers or how to opt out or delete such cookies, please refer to your mobile device’s manual. However, please note that if you refuse to use cookies, you may continue to visit our website but some of the above functions may not work properly.



7. Applicable legislation

These conditions are strictly governed by portuguese law, namely the provisions of Law No. 67/98 of 26 October on the protection of personal data, in Law No. 41/2004 of 18 August on the protection of privacy in the telecommunications sector and decree-law no. 7/2004 of 7 January on the legal regime of electronic commerce.