CHUC is an institution of the Portuguese National Health Service, based on high standards of clinical, technical and scientific differentiation, quality and safety, and by the commitment to the creation of knowledge and innovation, and to patients, professionals, shareholders and society.

The Instituto Português De Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil E.P.E. (IPO Lisboa) is a health unit with almost a century of experience in cancer treatment, study and research. Provides highly specialized and differentiated health care, being the main Portuguese cancer hospital, certified as a National Reference Center in the treatment of various types of cancer by the Ministry of Health, and accredited by the Organization of European Cancer Institutes.

FamiCord Group cord blood banks have been operating in Europe since 2002. Since that time FamiCord Group have been developing internationally and become the largest cord blood bank in Europe and the fourth largest cord blood bank in the World.

Crioestaminal is a Portuguese stem cells family bank, that incorporates the largest european group in the stem cells area, the Famicord Group, which has the trust of more than 450,000 families and which has already contributed to 99 treatments with umbilical cord blood stem cells.